The HeART of Downtown

Every small town in the south has that one special place that best expresses the culture and history of its people. Hattiesburg, Mississippi is no different. Oddfellows Gallery located in the heART of Downtown Hattiesburg is both a public venue and a selling artists gallery.

The 1907 Neoclassical building houses 2 large galleries on the first floor, another small gallery on the second as well as the owners studio and on the third floor, a penthouse and grand ballroom/venue for large events. Since 2011, Charles and Anita Price have generously opened the gallery to host artists exhibits, private parties and many other cultural activities. This summer marks an evolution of the 1st floor galleries as they become an exclusive selling platform for local and regional artists.

Oddfellows offers artists the opportunity to showcase their work for sale in a prestigious white

box gallery that stands toe to toe with others like it throughout the region. The artists are invited to submit work for review and when asked, sell their work at competitive prices, often less than those in larger metropolitan areas.

So, here's the message, the 'big idea' if you will...Next time you think about decorative objects for your home or office, a wedding gift, a house-warming present or you just need something to make you smile or laugh or even cry, visit Oddfellows Gallery. The heART of Hattiesburg is Downtown on Front Street.

Rick Wilemon