Falling Short and Missed Opportunities

I received a wake-up call last evening. Yes, me who tries tirelessly to be current on the national and international art scene and especially the Hattiesburg scene. Somehow in my zeal to 'cover all the bases' and 'touch every project' personally, I missed out on a talented artist who works minutes from the gallery. So, thank you D for putting me on the spot and calling me out. A client and friend of the gallery had mentioned D to me some time back and I had to think hard to remember the conversation which took place during our annual Rug Event when my mind was on selling as many magic carpets as I could!

But what kept me awake last night and what has stayed in my brain most of the morning is the thought that this must happen over and over again without my being called out. As curator, registrar and all around energy pup at Oddfellows it is my job to be aware of emerging talent and outsider artists who blaze their own path and prefer to work quietly in a studio. I missed an important opportunity. Not only did I miss a chance to bolster the gallery's artist roster but most importantly, a chance to present to Hattiesburg's art community and patrons what appears to be a truly, wonderfully, creative and talented individual.

Included in this mea culpa mea maxima culpa, is the wish that anytime our subscribers see or hear of an artist who may be new to the art scene in Hattiesburg, write me, call me, throw a brick at my door, but get my attention. And last, D if you read this please know I will bleed a little if necessary and work hard to help get the attention your art deserves.

Rick Wilemon

Oddfellows 'energy pup'