Composition & Color

Most of my work is about composition and color and the relationship they have as merging entities on canvas and how those elements move the viewer's eye from one point to the other. Warm vs cool and how they harmonize or play against one another is what I strive for in my work. Really, it's a balancing act and I love the challenge of bringing it all together in a painting whether it is an abstract, still life, landscape, or even a silly face. It's all about composition and color for me.

Years ago, while studying art at The University of Southern Mississippi there was a painting professor who after we turned in our painting assignments would take our paintings and turn them upside down for critique. He was strong on emphasizing the importance of a painting's composition and taught that we should learn to look at our paintings as a work of color and balance and how those elements should move the eye around the painting. Not to necessarily see subject matter, but to see color, form, and shapes and that if successfully executed, the painting should work regardless of how it's positioned. I've never forgotten his lessons and his philosophy has stuck with me throughout my painting career. If it works upside down it'll certainly work right side up with all the elements working as they should in the overall composition.

Besides colorful paintings I also like to make childlike mixed media work. Picasso once said, "I could paint like Raphael at the age of twelve, but it's taken me a lifetime to paint like a child", and that statement has also resonated with me over the years and as a diversion to my color works I enjoy the freedom of basically starting with nothing and not much of a plan of action, just letting the process of doing the work lead me. The final-outcome always surprises me as I have no idea what the finished work will look like once I begin. I guess I'll always be doing it that way, working from one extreme to the other.